Three Pink Roses and The Cat That Ate Them

Bless my man’s heart! He brings me flowers, after nearly 4 years together.

You know that special kind of flowers….the for-no-reason flowers.

I was on the phone (happens a lot) and he came home after golf yesterday with three pink roses in a bud vase. Not just a bouquet from the store. No, he took time and picked something for me.

I can’t help but reflect on how cool that is. I choose to realize how happy he makes me feel at times. Knowing he took time to think of me while he was away from me builds my confidence in my ability to strengthen our connection by thinking about it in a consciously positive way.

There are times when I don’t feel connected to him and that can be scary. My mind used to jump to “I wonder if he loves me thinking”. When he is tired or stressed, he is not very available to me. For a long time I took that personally and felt hurt and unloved. Now I am starting to recognize those times and choose to pull in my energy a bit to give him his space.

If I do that consciously, I don’t feel as rejected as I used to. Then I have more energy to think of something to do alone that is fun for me. Fully engaging in something that is fun and entertaining is a great way to balance the energy that seems to need him at the moment. I just bought a hoola hoop and a dart board and I am learning to juggle. I am having a ball learning how I can entertain myself. It always makes me feel better

Over the four years we have been developing our relationship I see now that he always swings back to me out of his unavailable stance. Understanding that has helped me relax and then I am more fun.

Cute and funny is not only a really fun way to live, it is also pretty irresistible to my man.

Anyway, if you read this far, you probably wonder about the cat. Well, her name is Jade and she loves flowers. I mean….to eat them. She is a Bengal and I think she still dreams of living in a forest somewhere.

When I got up this morning, there on the floor was the lovely little bud vase



with three half eaten flowers scattered around it.

Like I said, Bless my man’s heart, I just love him!.



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2 responses to “Three Pink Roses and The Cat That Ate Them

  1. Awww how sweet! I love getting flowers too. My son and his wife brought me flowers for mother’s day and the kitties thought it was a beautiful salad. I had to keep the vase in the bathroom with the door closed so they didn’t get eaten.

  2. Catherine Behan

    Hey Crazy Kitty,

    I LOVE that….flower salad!! I am going to get some gerber daisies….Jade’s favorite and try to make a movie of her eating her salad!! Hope to post it here!


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