How Much Love Can You Handle?

Hi Everyone,

Today I invited Nina Ferrell to contribute her fab piece on Receiving Love. Hope you enjoy it and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!

How Much Love Can YOU Handle?

That may seem like a strange question but I wonder if we realize to which extent we shut love out of our lives – simply because we do not see ourselves as lovable.
How many relationships have we sunk simply because they seemed “too good to be true?” When one introduces that kind of upstream vibration into what is intrinsically pure downstream vibration, we throw the whole works into reverse gear – and the magic disappears.

It is so very necessary for us, as human beings, to understand that since we create everything, we can make it last… but the more we love, the more we become afraid that we would have to live without it, and the more we focus on that, the more we start closing ourselves off to what is one of life’s numinous experiences.

If we could suspend disbelief, if we could allow ourselves to believe like children do – openly, wide eyed – we will find that we are able to allow ourselves all the love we need, that no day needs to go by spent in loneliness…

And as we open to love, we heal past wounds, past losses, and we return to that state of pure connection with Source which is our birthright, for every one of us.

So allow yourself, right now, to think that it may be possible that you can let go of your fears, of your fear of being loved and of losing that love, because it never has to happen again.

You make it happen – you can keep it going for as long as you need it.

Nina Ferrell is a writer, poet, professional channel for a group of well known entities who are coming through all over the planet to assist with the unfolding towards non-duality, a medium with an active interest in reconnection between people and their loved ones, an animal communicator and Reiki Master.

She currently live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Her web presence is:



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2 responses to “How Much Love Can You Handle?

  1. The subject of love and never being without it, feels so good.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Margie D

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