Do You Believe In Twin Flames?



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5 responses to “Do You Believe In Twin Flames?

  1. Genevieve

    This is beautiful. I don’t know if I believe in Twin Flames. I want to – but I know I’ve not met mine. My sister-in-law told me about them and I believe it’s definitely possible. I’d just love to know.

  2. Great video Catherine
    I viewed this morning
    I believe in Twin Flames. We originated from the Divine Spark and become 2 flames for lack of better words. This is much different from soul mates. Twin flames make up the whole and very very rare are they incarnated at the same time. We can tap into the energy our twin flame and ask for assistance just we ask for assistance from the Higher Realms, Angels, guides and teachers.

    • Catherine Behan

      Thanks Lisa. I didn’t know all of that! Just thinking of having a twin flame, this side of consciousness or the other, is very magical. Sometimes the inner imaginary world is pretty productive in handling all of my relationships. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Nina Ferrell


    I am living a twin flame experience… and I am so grateful that we are able, him and I, to use our relationship as it should be used – healing ourselves through what we are shining back at each other, and learning, especially, to love more and more unconditionally.

    • Catherine Behan

      I am glad for you Nina! It seems that it is rare that people really get why they are attracted to one another. I appreciate the work you do. Your passion for teaching what you are knowing is contagious! Thanks for stopping by!!

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