Do You Still Believe In Soul Mates

Once upon a time, a young mom with a bright, beautiful future embraced her life with all of her

She loved her children, her husband and her life. She had no idea what lay ahead for her. She adored being a mom and was lucky enough to be able to take a couple years off to spend at home with her kids.

What she couldn’t see happening at the time was the slow, steady and inevitable diminishing of her connection to her husband and their marriage. Who knows what the first clues were.

She didn’t hear her heart whispering to her, “Something is wrong here, recalculate your settings, you are closing yourself to the dreams of love for the sake of avoiding conflict and fighting.”

Because she couldn’t hear the wisdom of her heart, calling her to see LOVE as something she could nurture and invest in, she began FIGURING OUT how to find happiness.

Instead of living a HEART CENTERED LIFE, she cleverly created an INTELLECTUAL AND HEAD CENTERED LIFE that worked, or rather seemed to work, for many years.

She had no idea how much more difficult, in fact, how nearly impossible it is to create a sustainable relationship with HEAD CENTERED reasoning.

She felt strong and capable, and no, she DIDN’T FEEL LOVED, the way she felt others were loved, but she made her home, raised her children, went back to work and lived life figuring that FEELING DEEPLY LOVED was just not her fate.

Fast Forward…..Children grown, marriage in pieces, heavily medicated with anti depressant medication–a life changing AHA experience woke her up from her complacent coma and blasted her into a completely different world.

The girl in this picture, the 29 year old mom glowing with hope and purpose, is me. I am so glad that even though life has taken paths I never anticipated, I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE…..1000%.

I believe in SOUL MATE LOVE even more than I ever did. I know my first husband was my soul mate. I loved him completely and focused my life around him. I have two fantastic children and the world’s cutest grandbaby.

I also have been blessed with a SECOND SOUL MATE….a second chance at love….a second chance at life as someone’s BELOVED.




Being someone’s BELOVED is a sweet deeply soul satisfying place to live.

I wish that for each and everyone of you!

Together we can create HEART CENTERED relationships, we have much to teach to one another and we MUST START AT HOME.

Can you be the SOULMATE OF YOUR SOUL? Are you willing to BE THE SOUL MATE your future partner is searching for?




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3 responses to “Do You Still Believe In Soul Mates

  1. Colleen

    OO Yes I believe there is a soulmate out there for me and I am completely sure he is already in our lives and will be forever !!!!!

  2. Teresa

    I recognized your smile right away! Yes, I still believe in soul mates and love and all. Alas, soul mates touch and move away and as you mentioned, new soul mates may show up. Peace, harmony, acceptance, and love do begin at “home.” Sometimes it is very difficult to see through the veil of anger, frustration, and disappointment. Never give up hope! Hope everlasting…..I have been going through an “interesting” phase and I have finally, once again, landed in a positive spot where I can look at my husband with acceptance and love. I’m still working on it, yet a bit of miracle-in-the-works led him back to some spiritual connections. He is happier and therefore so am I, as we are connected through our marriage. What did I do? Well, I constantly focused on keeping “good” thoughts in my mind and chose to see the “Light” in life. That’s what started showing up.

  3. Catherine, thanks for another heartfelt and moving blog! I relate, very deeply.
    Yes, I do believe in Soulmates, and why? Well, I loved the concept, but was never sure until I met Chris. One reason it moves me, is he did not even know what that meant and he heard it one day and said wow, you are my soulmate. I melted!
    Here is what I think it means, and BTW I think there are many, you have more than one chance to connect with an amazing being and be in a loving and uplifting relationship where you do not have to compromise yourself!
    I know I am confused when i think of why I stayed in my marriage for 27 years! I still makes me shake my head. Like you I thought ‘this was it’ and never doubted it, no matter how bad it got.

    Now I know that I would rather be alone than live trying to constantly please another who will never be happy. I know I can’t make anyone else happy and that makes for a very powerful relationship! I am not trying to please him to make him be or feel anythign, i share my love freely, expecting nothing in return. I get to be myself fully with no fear of being rejected and judged and I have learned to receive love and really enjoy it. I allow myself to be with someone who loves, appreciates and enjoys me. That is soul love to me. True appreciation and mutual uplifting.
    You are so right,: “Instead of living a HEART CENTERED LIFE, she cleverly created an INTELLECTUAL AND HEAD CENTERED LIFE that worked, or rather seemed to work, for many years”. We can do this and give and give and not feel like we deserve love and appreciation in return. But it never works forever. No matter how strong we are, we are not meant to keep on going in any relationship, love or not, that depletes rather than uplifts us!
    Lots of love, Nan

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