Be Cherished At Last

Mary Jane reached over for the remote, took a sip of her red wine and absentmindedly scratched her cat’s head. Another Saturday night. Another dateless Saturday night. Sighing deeply she found herself thinking, “Why can’t I meet someone who is interested in me more than he is the financial channel and ESPN.”

Across town, Andrea reaches for her latest trashy novel takes a sip of her marguerita and scratches her pup under the chin. Another Saturday night. Her husband is in the other room engrossed in the newspaper and oblivious to her lonlieness.

Can you relate?

What does it take to get the love you want?

If you long to be cherished and can’t find a man that makes you feel that way, your Love Set Point may be set too low.

You need to feel better about yourself before you can expect a change in your love life. The key to finding love is right here before your eyes. You would have created a lasting love if you only knew how, wouldn’t you? I can teach you how to reset your Love Set Point and it starts now.

Listening intently to this CD will show you why you are still longing for love and better yet, give you a simple five step plan for getting on the road to romance.

For just the price of shipping and handling, you can have this heart break remedy delivered right to your door. What are you waiting for?

Five Lost Secrets To Attracting Love

“I keep listening to this CD over and over. There is something about this story that makes me want it to go on and on. I hated to come to the end.” Helen in San Diego

Click right here and this powerful CD will be sent to you straight away. All you pay is shipping and handling! Listen in to hear the heart of the Reset Your Love Set Point philosophy, normally costing hundreds of dollars per hour.

If you are interested in finally understanding why the love you are looking for stays just out of reach, this audio is for you.

Order today and these priceless bonuses will be included at no charge to you!

1. “Why Can’t I Find My Soul Mate?” two hour teleclass download (Value $197) Even if you are with a partner, the key to receiving and feeling deeply loved is revealed in this fast paced and practical recording. Learn why you undermine your own happiness and do something about it.

2. Complimentary Love Set Point Strategy Session

Are you ready for your fair share of life’s most treasured moments? Take control of your romantic destiny and receive a Strategy Session with Catherine so that you can finally discover what is standing between you and your dreams.

Isn’t it time to turn your life around?

Send Me The Five Lost Secrets Right Away

P.S. Do you know why they are called the LOST secrets? Because if you were already in a close loving relationship, you would have found them. Haven’t you been searching long enough?


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