“Working with Catherine has been amazing. Within 5 minutes she touched a core issue in my life that had been brewing for decades. And within minutes I was free! The pain disappeared, and it’s still gone. She’s kind and sensitive and warm all the way through. I love her!”

Rosey Dow


“Catherine has been a lifelong friend ( 20+ years) and I am so
thankful to have met and befriended her. She and I have been through many interesting and exciting times in life together. Some have been very painful for each of us in our own lives, but I have watched her reach upward, reach inward, find herself and Divine inspiration, float downstream,and arrive at a place where she is able to pass along all that she has learned in light, love, and service, to others.

I have been ministered to, brought to understanding, and let loose to be who I am created to be under her insightful, intuitive care as well. I am forever grateful for the Divine connection God saw fit to put together for us.”

Kathryn Stouthamer, Recruiter, Worshipper, Musician


“Catherine is a delight, she is sensitive yet direct and has a unique
quality of care that helps dive deeply to the root issue.
Her methods
are gentle and effective. She has an exuberance and enthusiasm that are rare and welcome.

I encourage anyone who has “stuck” places from their past (and we all do!) haunting their present and cluttering their future to work with Catherine. Even if you just clear one person or piece out it will provide a sense of enlightenment and allow you to move forward lighter and brighter, rather than hauling.”

My heartfelt thanks,

Melissa Galt


“You know, Catherine really is a miracle, and she was sent to me at the perfect time in my life, and I couldn’t possibly have asked for someone more in tune with where I’m at and where I need to go”.

Julie Fisher
Marketing Professional
Cambridge, Wi.


I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for the terrific telecall this morning! You’re so talented, engaging and intuitive; I feel very blessed that Helen let me know about the call.

Angel Hughes


Catherine’s techniques are so subtle, yet powerful, that the ramifications of this will not hit you fully until you look at the changes that it has caused in your life. It is life changing! If you want to change your life easily and effortlessly, attend one of Catherine’s workshops, you won’t be disappointed!”

Helen Gray
Author and Seminar Leader
San Diego, CA


“I have witnessed Catherine’s techniques create positive emotional changes in troubled teens, ages 16 and 17 years old, using both individual and group sessions. I am amazed how these once “lost” teens responded to such a simple techniques and how they kept coming back for more”.

Mark Wilson, BS COTA
El Cajon, CA


“Catherine’s techniques were totally new to me, but it was fun and very easy especially with the loving guidance from Catherine. Catherine operates with compassionate and professional enthusiasm, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and clear-thinking”.

Helle Brisson
Life Coach, Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Author
Carlsbad, CA


“Working with Catherine has been a phenomenal experience! Her intuition is amazing…without knowing the details of my situation she had just the right words and asked the right questions to point me in a more positive direction.

After each session I felt a grand sense of relief and more in tune with my body and surroundings. I would recommend Catherine to anyone feeling stuck in any area of life”!

Chana M. Monahan
Greenhouse Graphics, LLC.
Winchester, CT


“Since working with Catherine, I have had some great things happening. I feel stronger inside, able to stand up for myself and be confident in the fact that my mind and body know what’s best for me. One thing that has really changed is this heavy feeling of burden that I have felt my whole life in the abdominal area of my body, having multitudes of unexplainable medical problems, has left completely.

The emotional release that came so naturally and cleansed me so deeply I still have not found the words to express the change. It is like that cord of depression that’s been a part of me my whole life is gone. I have never felt this light heartedness before”.

Jennifer Poe
El Cajon, CA


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