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Minding My Own Business….What A Concept!

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Why is it so easy to see what others are doing wrong, and so difficult to see our own errors in judgment?

Why are we born with this self defeating tendency?

When I read in the Abraham Hicks material that The Art of Allowing is the decision to let people other people live life as they choose with no opinion making by me, I was surprised.

Could my choice to stay out of other people’s business actually improve my chances of receiving the love I was asking the Universe for?


But, I KNOW they are making mistakes.

Really? Just how sure am I about that?

Ok, let’s test it out. A friend of mine is racking up a lot of credit card debt. I see it happening and it makes me worry. Should I say something or not?

Even if I do not say something, inside of me there is a strong current of thought all about them, their choices and their potential consequences.

Even as I write that, a part of me sees how pointless that is. I don’t really have any power to change their choices, even if I did confront them on their spending habits. Besides, look how much of my time and energy I am putting into someone else’s drama!

Just what are my options anyway? If I say something, will it benefit our relationship? Probably not. No one likes to have their weak spots pointed out.

If I don’t say anything and keep worrying about it, I have no peace of mind about it. After all, anyone can see that they are making the “wrong” choices. If I choose to say nothing and then work on my worried thoughts, at least I have something I can do.

After all, they are MY thoughts and thoughts can be changed. Do I really want to spend so much time thinking about someone else’s life?

I can help myself focus on my worry habit and who knows, maybe my choice to stay out of their business will bear more fruit for my life and their lives too.

Abraham Hicks thinks so. He teaches us clearly that if we want to allow our good to come to us, we can speed up our progress by allowing other people’s lives to unfold without our interference.
Now there is a challenge worth taking on!

How does my worrying about others affect my relationship with my man or finding my soul mate? Plenty. Worry, anxiety and complaining are not exactly the ways to a man’s heart. Learning to let go of those low vibrating thoughts and allowing my friends and family to choose their own paths frees me to think about more joyful things.

Joy and peace are VERY attractive to friends and lovers. Choosing to let others live their lives without my input equips me to be lovingly detached from my man’s personal choices. When he feels less pressured to measure up to my expectations, he is opening up to me in very real ways.

That makes me feel loved and respected….and that feels delicious!

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