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Want A Romantic Getaway and No Cash? :-(

Come tonight and join Nan Akasha and I as we blast through money obstacles and create a little cash for the holidays.bigstockphoto_christmas_presents_10473221

After last weeks class, I got good news on my auto insurance…$350 savings, several coupons for free meals and buy one get one frees and one of my coaches reduced my fee for the holidays.

Oh, my car loan company gifted me with skipping December’s payment! Woo Hoo!!!

All together, it was over $1400. I am taking MY honey out for a romantic dinner.

How about you?

Hot Holiday Cash And Survival Guide Class TONIGHT!

REGISTER HERE: http://tinyurl.com/5b7k5n



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Money Worries Wrecking Your Love Life?

Pressures about money can put a damper on your love life. The men in our lives often burrow into a holebigstockphoto_stack_of_cash_4386771 when the economy is in trouble and it can be lonely in there. Your own worries about money aren’t exactly the best aphrodisiac around either.

In the last several months, I have been on a journey to actually create a relationship with money itself. No, I haven’t sat across the table from a hundred dollar bill yet, as one of my jokester buddies suggested, but I am comparing my relationship to money to a close friendship and it led me to some interesting discoveries.

When I looked at how badly I treat money compared to a BFF, I was amazed and it changed my perspective. How long would your BFF be your BFF if you treated her like this:

1. Hide her from your friends and family.

2. Ignore her day and night.

3. Use her without considering how she feels about it.

4. Dress her in a crummy old outfit (wallet).

5. Worse yet, let her roll around in the bottom of your bag with nothing on at all!

6. Never tell her your secret longings and hopes.

7. Never give her gifts or surprises.

8. Never trust her to do the job she was created to do.

9. Never inspire her to dream big and fly high.

10. Never tell her how much she means to your life.

If you choose to begin a relationship with money, you will see the world much differently and you will also attract friends who do the same! You will also unlock a valuable part of your inner game plan.

Your confidence with money will change how the people in your life look at you, that man included!


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