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I Never Thought I Would Feel Like This!

I received this email message today and wanted to share it with all of you!!

It is amazing what is possible when a woman gets her head and her heart on the same path!

Hi Cat,

I don’t know where to begin !!! But on October 24th, I started going to the swing dance society … remember how much fun I have dancing?

Well, I met a man who was so sweet I asked him to dance with me. The Universe had been at work on all angles and behind the scenes and my life has been completely changed!

OMG, remember how I have been so happy just being single, getting to know me and all that good stuff … I am way beyond that right now and am having the time in my life.

He and I seem to be such a good match so far. Don’t really know where all this leads to but he’s originally from here in Ottawa, but is now retired, living in Kentucky and spends half the time in Colorado, where he works for his nephew for a whitewater rafting/outdoors supplies company, then visits Ottawa once a year.

Cat, I’d never thought this was going to happen so soon, but this man seems to fit the “script” I’ve been writing about!!! The one thing even more interesting is that he is 15 years older than I am and yet we’re at the same intellectual level, spiritually he is way ahead of me as he’s been in that world for over 30 years.

So I have so much to learn yet. He even sings and plays the guitar!!! That’s just a bonus actually, but is so endearing to me in a big way;)

He soooo GETS ME!!! It’s so easy to be with him and we’re just so in tune with each other. We even found out that we lived in each other’s neighbourhoods at different times, so there was really no way for us to meet beforehand … just close enough to even bump into each other at grocery stores!

There’s so much more I would like to share with you … but I am just as high as a kite right now!!!

Yeah, that first kiss was well worth the wait … he’s such a wonderful man and I can’t wait to introduce him to you. I actually gave him the link to the recording that you did for me!!! He’s so interested in my world, my boys seem to be taken too and soon, we’ll be on a different level.

I’m so excited about this whole new adventure … I’ve never felt this way before with any of my ex’s, and I am so lucky to be feeling this way at this stage in my life.

Patience was all I had … I knew that I was getting close. I was refining my list and just before meeting him, I had said to myself that my script was so good and “I am sooo worth it”!!!

We’re so connected at a level no one has ever been with me. He helps me keep grounded, while both of us are feeling so high.

Your work is amazing … you could certainly use me as your testimonial!!!

Celebrating love with you,

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Do Men Think You Are Unapproachable? Is That Ok With You?

From The E Mail Bag

Andreya writes: “I do want to be with my body/mind/soulmate. I don’t remember being abandoned by girlfriends while I was dating someone nor when I broke up with him. I found my girlfirends most supportive. This was true for boyfriends and when I divorced…..

I have long-term male and female friends, friendships lasting decades. I am visiting a guy friend and his family as well as a single friend for two weeks each on my trip to California….

AND, I am still single and would prefer to be with my body/mind/soulmate. (I want it all.)”

Hi Andreya,

Thanks for your post. I admire your ability to sustain lasting relationships for so many years. It is comforting to have a host of supporters…like the cell phone commercial! Even though you have wonderful friends, there is no doubt that what you want (to meet men who could be that Soul Mate) is not measuring up to what is happening (you are only meeting men who do not qualify or you are not meeting new and interesting men at all).

What I do know for sure from my work with highly successful women who are not with the man ideally suited to them for a long term relationship, is that they are not aware of the image they are projecting to the world.

Most are stunned to realize that they are projecting an “I’m not available” image. Not only that, little do they know that this image or vibe is amazingly efficient at keeping the “right” type of man out of their experience.

How do I know this to be true? Exactly, how many prospects with real potential have you dated in the last year? I rest my case!

If you think you might be sending out this “I love being single” vibe when you want to be sending a “I’m ready for a man with substance ” vibe, it is wise to look deep within your heart to see what is behind your singleness.

One way to approach this is to take a few days to compile a list of all the best parts about your life right now. What are the advantages of being single? While you might not come up with many at first, if you work on this for a couple of days, you may surprise yourself. Once your list is complete, go through each item and decide mindfully whether or not you are negotiable on it.

This self reflection may be just what the doctor ordered in helping you discover why you are still single. If you still don’t see yourself as unapproachable, ask a close friend to go through your list with you. Her view of your current state of affairs or lack of (sorry, couldn’t resist) may add extra dimension to your self inquiry.

Once you unearth the root to your singleness, you will have one of two outcomes. One, you may indeed embrace your singleness with new passion as it IS life affirming for you or two, you will find yourself in the right place and the right time more often where you will cross paths with many more interesting and available men!

Talk about a win-win!

Good luck to you, Andreya!


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